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About Us

Design Wall Panel offers unique decorative wall and ceiling panels. Our decorative wall and ceiling panels combine different creative and dynamic designs, suitable for both residential and commercial purposes.

We have been on the market since 2003 and we are in constant search of new materials and products which are studied in detail, to obtain maximum knowledge and capabilities.

Lending an architectural and sculptural feel to any space at a relatively low cost. Actively used as Divider Wall, feature wall, feature ceiling and even on outdoor sunshade screen.  All up to your creative imaginations. 

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Our Process

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Liaise Directly With Subcontractors 

Liaise directly with our recommended sub-contractors to get the best deals with no make up cost

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Check Out Project Reference 

Check out our gallery for our latest completed project photos to give you a better idea for your home

Visit Our Showroom

Need a better look at your desired panel? We have a wide catalogue at our showroom for you to see in person. Do give us a call to make an appointment before heading down

What are WPC boards?

WPC boards (Wood Plastic Composite) are type of material that comprises of 70% virgin polymer 15%, wood powder and 15% additive chemicals. Considered the best alternative to natural wood and plywood, one of the many reasons why its use has been increasing is due to its lack of contribution to deforestation. At the same time, WPC boards have more internal strength, weight and durability as compared to natural wood and plywood, making them a popular choice for both exterior and interior applications.


Some key properties WPC boards include the following:

1. Termite resistance. Due to being made as a composite of materials, WPC boards are completely termite-proof, a major advantage that it offers over natural wood. This also makes it more popular for outdoor use.


2. Moisture resistance. Unlike wood and other materials, WPC are resistant to moisture, and as such are also resistant to rot and decay. This allows it to be put in areas where moisture retention is high, such as kitchens and toilets.


3. Heat resistant. It is a fire retardant material. It does not help the fire to get spread it does not burn with a flame. Whereas plywood support fire to spread because it burns with flame. So WPC is a better option when you choose a panel for the fire-prone area.


4. Non-hazardous. They are free of formaldehyde, lead, methanol, urea and other hazardous chemicals. This harmful volatile chemical enters the human body through contact and inhalation and causes a serious health-related problem.Especially in children and elder people. WPC is 100% VOC free and also it does not emit formaldehyde in the atmosphere.

5. UV resistance. It will not rot, crack, warp as like other timber used for interior and furniture making. You can use WPC boards in sunlight, it does not get spoiled in sunlight. You have to just paint or polish it after certain time intervals and it will remain new and strong for years. You can use weather coat paint and PO polish on WPC. Also, it is maintenance-free material.

Create your dream Wall Feature
We have wide range of wall panel .

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